Special offer! Eternal Treasures: Teaching Your Child at Home

Emmanuel Press is partnering with Cheryl Swope (one of the authors in He Restores My Soul) to offer a limited number of copies of Eternal Treasures: Teaching Your Child at Home. This comprehensive handbook, co-written by Swope and Rachel Whiting, is unique in that it aims to support home education specifically for Lutheran families. Swope writes that the book provides “recommended reading, curriculum suggestions, and doctrinal underpinnings to help families who seek strong academics alongside steadfast instruction in the Christian faith.” This book is the product of hours of correspondence and conversations with homeschooling parents as well as pastors, congregations, and schools who encourage and strive alongside these families in the education of their children.

In addition to their own keen insight about home education, Swope and Whiting intersperse an abundant variety of quotes and brief essays from others, demonstrating that reasons and methods for home education range widely. As Dr. Thomas Korcok notes on the back cover, “Eternal Treasures includes numerous testimonials from parents, pastors, and homeschooled children, providing ample proof that homeschooling is not solely the purview of the economically privileged or educational elite. With access to the many resources listed in the book, homeschooling is within the reach of most Christian parents who enjoy learning and have a love for the truth.”

Whether you are curious about teaching your children at home, just beginning, or are well into the process, Eternal Treasures will encourage you as you educate, instruct, enjoy, and work together with your children.

To purchase Eternal Treasures for $15.00 (free shipping!), please email emmanuelpress(at)gmail(dot)com for a customized Paypal invoice. Please supply your mailing address and number of books desired. Invoices must be paid within 24 hours. Indiana residents must pay 7% sales tax.

Table of Contents:
The Foundations of Home Education
1. Where Do I Begin? (the whats, whys, and hows, including special needs)
2. Nuts and Bolts: The Logistics of Home Education (schedules, routines, and family culture, including the Church Year)
3. Vocation: Serving Our Children Through Home Education (the role of the parent as teacher and a look at home education for various ages)

Delving Deeper: Learning Together
4. Our Christian Faith (teaching the faith and integrating prayer and hymns into family life)
5. Our Heritage (examining Christian education, building character, memory work, learning Latin/Greek)
6. Our Unity (working together in home, church and school; finding support)
7. Peace in Parenting (learning and living together in Christ’s forgiveness)

Appendices: Home education laws, Homeschooling supplies, Resources for teaching the Christian Faith, Curriculum recommendations, Favorite children’s literature, Further reading, Lutheran resources

*This book was published by The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in 2015.

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