A Review of Thy Kingdom Come by Rev. Larry Beane


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Pastor Larry Beane gives a thoughtful, comprehensive review, addressing the book itself as well as Pastor Petersen as a preacher and teacher. His review, entitled “Meet My New ‘Old Friend,'” reads, in part:

“One found out pretty quickly about the law’s ability to sting, to bludgeon, and yes to kill.  The entire sanctuary would be filled with silent men and woman staring at their shoes as Pastor Petersen condemned our Old Adams without allowing a loophole or even any wiggle room.  With his intonation of one word: “Repent!” he would have his hearers almost in tears.  And just when you think you could not take any more, you didn’t have to, as Pastor Petersen proclaimed the cross, the forgiveness of sins, the sweet and refreshing Good News that Jesus, the Crucified One, is our Savior and our Redeemer.  If I could sum up David Petersen as preacher and as celebrant in one word, I would say: intense.

In his interactions with students, I found him to be truly “apt to teach,” possessing a sense of humor and a candor that was formative to the many men who count it a privilege to have been formed – at least in part – by his work and ministry in Fort Wayne.  Obviously, men who served as field workers and/or vicars at Redeemer (I was not) have been the most influenced by him and credit him for making them the preachers they are today.

Thy Kingdom Come is a book that is not only wonderfully deep devotional material for any Christian, it is also a mini-homiletics course for pastors.  Just as I counted Pastor Petersen to be a great teacher to me before I was a pastor, I count him an even greater teacher now that I am considered to be his colleague – both in the ministerium of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, and as a fellow editor at Gottesdienst.  Although I am the sermons editor, I continue to look to my brother-in-arms in the Lord’s service as an instructor and mentor.”

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