Strodach on Liturgy

“The minister will study the liturgy of the Church in order to know its antecedents, its history, meaning and harmony, its symbolism, spiritual power, and eloquence. He will study it as the means to an end of worship, in the spirit of devotion: that he may rightly and sensibly guide his people in their devotions. He will seek to teach his people so that they know its story, its meaning, the richness of its treasures, and how to use it unto edification and make it, as it must be to him, the expression of sacred moments and the means to spiritual enrichment. The forms themselves are inspiring, but how much more this all is enhanced when one realizes, that through these, through these very prayers, these selfsame canticles, the actual words that we are using, countless throngs of men and women through the long centuried past have lifted up their hearts to God, and I am uniting mine with theirs in these latter days…. ‘I believe in the Communion of Saints’…!”

-Paul Z. Strodach, A Manual on Worship

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