One-Week Sale on Bulk Orders of Didache

didache-gridMany of our customers order multiple copies of Didache, whether it be for gifts, a book group, or a Bible Study. Normally, our bulk discounts begin with orders of 20, but for one week — through August 18 — all orders of 5-19 copies of Didache will qualify for a 10% discount, and 20+ copies will qualify for 15% off. To take advantage of this promotion, please contact us with your order details so that we can prepare a customized invoice for you.


Didache seeks to instruct Christians in a basic pattern of catechesis which recognizes that doctrine is drawn from the Holy Scriptures, confessed in Luther’s Small Catechism, and expressed in the hymnal. These are the three books of the Church’s life; they should be known by individual Christians as well. Didache is designed to lead the reader ever deeper into these basic books. It follows the pattern of Luther’s Catechism, beginning with repentance (the Ten Commandments), faith (the Apostles’ Creed), and holy living (the Lord’s Prayer). After this catechetical core come the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, which constitutes Christian existence in the forgiveness of sins; Confession and Absolution, where the believer is returned to the promise of Baptism; and the Sacrament of the Altar, where we receive the benefits of Calvary—Christ’s body and blood—for the forgiveness of our sins. Lastly, the Daily Prayers and Table of Duties show us that the gifts of our Lord draw us not away from the world where we pray and live as His holy people in our various stations of life.

The Holy Scriptures are the Word of the Triune God. His words work through the Law, which exposes and condemns the sinner and leads to repentance, and through the Gospel, which announces and bestows reconciliation with God in the blood of His Son delivered by the Holy Spirit in His means of grace. The Small Catechism and the hymnal (both the liturgical orders and the hymns) are forever echoing the Holy Scriptures. Didache seeks to make this connection more explicit so that students of the Word can more fully appreciate and use all three books throughout their lives.

You can read excerpts here and here and also a review here.

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