Baier–Walther Compendium

In 2006, Emmanuel Press reprinted Baier’s Compendium Theologiae Positivae (Compendium of Positive Theology), which had been out of print for over a century. This rare masterpiece is a 17th-century Lutheran dogmatics work to which C.F.W. Walther, first president of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, added copious quotations from Luther and orthodox Lutheran theologians such as Martin Chemnitz and Johann Gerhard. This work was used as the systematic theology textbook at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, for many years, and was the basis for Francis Pieper’s well-known Christian Dogmatics. These three volumes, bound into two books, are the complete text. Volume IV is a helpful index volume. All are perfect-bound hardcover. All text is in Latin.

For more information about these works, read the previous posts: Volume I-II and Volume IV, Indices. Click here for an English translation of some parts of these books.

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*Vol. I-II (bound into one book), 546 pages, ISBN 0-9763832-4-1:   $30.00

*Vol. III, 788 pages, ISBN 0-9763832-2-5:   $35.00

*Vol. IV, 132 pages, ISBN 0-9763832-7-6:  $20.00


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