Now Available! God With Us: Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany Sermons by David H. Petersen

God With Us coverIn 2012, we published Thy Kingdom Come: Lent and Easter Sermons by David H. Petersen. We are pleased to announce his next volume, God With Us, which includes fifty-nine sermons spanning Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany up to Transfiguration. These sermons – which were preached at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne, during Sunday Divine Services as well as daily Advent Divine Services – are now gathered together in one volume, serving as an excellent daily devotion.

“There is perhaps no other season in the church year that better embodies what we experience as Christians than the season of Advent. Observing Advent means learning to wait. . . .The sermons in God With Us will help you learn to wait and to wait for the right things. You will hear not only that Christ has come in the flesh to save us from sin and death, but also that He comes still in Word and Sacrament, and that He is coming again to take us from this vale of tears to Himself. You will be reminded not just of what God in Christ has done, but what He promises to do now and in the future. You will learn to wait for Christ and the fulfillment of His promises. For if we are shaped by what we wait for, then waiting for the right things will form us and thus prepare us to receive them when they come. It will mold us into those who wait and watch for Christ: the one who came, who comes, and who is coming again.”
-an excerpt from the Foreword by Rev. Jason Braaten

“Almost no one I know of has the ability that Fr. Petersen has to simply speak God’s truth to us – both in its devastating exposure of the darkest secrets of our hearts and in its intense comfort to the troubled conscience.”         -Rev. William Weedon

PetersenRev. David H. Petersen has been pastor at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, since 2000. In addition to his pastoral duties, he is also a frequent speaker, prolific writer, and magazine editor, serving as editor of the Lutheran journal Gottesdienst, for which he writes on the life and liturgy of the Church. Rev. Petersen graduated from Concordia Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity in 1996 and received a Master of Sacred Theology in 2012, having written his thesis on Law and Gospel and the preaching of Norman Nagel.

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Now available: Six Chief Parts Card

Six Chief Parts We are delighted to offer another greeting card with artwork by Edward Riojas. After numerous requests for first communion and confirmation cards, we worked with Riojas to create the Six Chief Parts card, suitable for any occasion. And if you’re looking for a gift with rich theological symbolism, this artwork will soon be available as an 8″ x 10″ print. Look for more details in the coming weeks!

Symbols for each of the six chief parts are arranged in a cruciform shape: tablets of the Law represent the Ten Commandments; chalice and host, the Lord’s Supper; scallop shell with three water drops, Holy Baptism; thurible with incense rising to heaven, the Lord’s Prayer; and crossed keys, the Office of the Keys. Central to all is a triangle interwoven with a circle, symbolizing the Holy Trinity confessed in the Apostle’s Creed. These symbols are charged on a red Latin cross pointing to Christ’s all-atoning sacrifice, which in turn gives life and produces fruit in the life of the Church and her saints.  (This description is printed on the back of the card.)

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Now Available: What an Altar Guild Should Know by Paul H.D. Lang

Cover-WaAGSK-Front Cover-small

“The service which the altar guild can render is valuable as an aid to extol the beauty and greatness of God and to awaken the response of His people in all forms of beauty, care, and reverence. Beauty in the church is not a matter of indifference. . . . Why do we want to make the house of God and our worship of God as reverent and beautiful as possible? Such a desire is of God and for God. He is present in our churches. Through His Word and sacraments, Christ comes to us as we are gathered together in His name.”   (p. 11)

In What an Altar Guild Should Know, Rev. Paul H. D. Lang presents an invaluable liturgical resource, giving detailed descriptions, diagrams, and visual aids related to church services and rubrics; liturgical terms; the church building; the altar and its ornaments; the chancel, baptistry, and sacristies; the sacred vessels; paraments; the sacred linens; vestments; use of lights in the church; the church year and liturgical colors; the use of flowers in the church; and Christian symbols.

As Rev. Lang explains in the Preface, What an Altar Guild Should Know “should help new members learn the basic things that are required of them, and it should serve to improve the work of experienced members and help them assist those who are just beginning. For all members of the guild, new and old, as well as for pastors, it should be helpful as a constant handbook for ready reference and guidance.”

If you are interested in reading more about Lutheran liturgical worship, Ceremony and Celebration, also by Rev. Lang, describes the theological significance and historic, confessional Lutheran position on liturgy, ritual, and ceremony.

We also offer discounts for bulk orders of all of our titles. Contact us for details.

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Free Download: Large Catechism Reading as Bulletin Inserts — Trinitytide III


Find the next set of bulletin inserts for Trinitytide (12th – 18th Sunday after Trinity) by clicking on the Downloads tab above.

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Scratch & Dent Sale

We have several books with minor cosmetic flaws that we are offering at 25% off (plus the standard shipping rate, found here). Flaws include a slight fold in the cover, dented spine or corner, or a slight scratch on the cover. These dents are simply cosmetic and don’t affect the inside material whatsoever. Here is what’s available:

  • (5) Starck’s Prayer Book – now $11.25 each
  • (1) Seed Grains of Prayer – now $11.25
  • (1) The Conduct of the Service – now $18.75
  • (1) Ceremony and Celebration – now $18.75

Please email us if you are interested in purchasing one or more of these books. We’ll then email you a Paypal invoice for payment via credit card or bank transfer. Act fast – we expect them to go quickly!

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Free Download: Large Catechism Reading as Bulletin Inserts — Trinitytide II

Find the next set of bulletin inserts for Trinitytide (6th – 11th Sunday after Trinity) by clicking on the Downloads tab above.

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Christmas in July Sale

Impress your inner procrastinator by taking advantage of our fantastic Christmas in July sale! All Christmas cards are up to 40% off through the end of the month, and this is the only online discount we’ll be offering on Christmas cards for the rest of the year.

Our unique cards feature artwork from renowned artists Edward Riojas and Kelly Klages as well as frescos from the Imperial Cathedral of Speyer, Germany. Click here to visit our Christmas cards page, where you’ll find more information about the origin of each piece, symbolism, and the historical backdrop of the frescos.

So shop early, save money, and send out cards that combine beautiful art with a clear confession of our Savior’s birth. And while you’re perusing the Christmas cards, be sure to take a look at our other liturgical cards too. We offer blank cards for many occasions and also baptism/baptism birthdays, Easter, and Office of the Holy Ministry greeting cards. 

Illumination    The Holy Family    Nativity

Virgin and Child    Adoremus      Epiphany

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The Brotherhood Prayer Book: The Feast of the Holy Trinity


Listen to O Pater sancte chanted.

Father most holy, merciful and tender,
Jesus, our Savior, with the Father reigning,
Spirit of comfort, advocate, defender,
Light never waning;

Trinity blessed, unity unshaken,
Goodness unbounded, very God of heaven,
Light of the angels, joy of those forsaken,
Hope of all living;

Maker of all things, all thy creatures praise Thee;
All for Thy worship were and are created;
Now as we also worship Thee devoutly,
Hear Thou our voices.

Lord God Almighty, unto Thee be glory,
One in three persons, over all exalted.
Glory we offer, praise Thee and adore Thee,
Now and forever. Amen.


O Pater sancte, c. 10th centry, trans by P. Dearmer
An excerpt from The Brotherhood Prayer Book

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Free Download: Large Catechism readings as Bulletin Inserts — Trinitytide

Find the bulletin inserts for Trinitytide by clicking on the Downloads tab above.

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Discount Available for Recent Call Candidates

Congratulations to the call candidates from Concordia Theological Seminary – Fort Wayne and Concordia Seminary – St. Louis! May God bless you and the congregations you will serve. If you’re looking to expand your theological library in preparation for your new vocation, we’d like to offer you a 20% discount off all of our merchandise until May 31. Peruse our collection of prayer books, liturgical instruction, catechesis materials, and ecclesiastical greeting cards. Thinking about sending out ordination invitations or stocking up on cards for pastoral correspondence? Have a look at our Office of the Holy Ministry card. And yes, even Didache, which rarely goes on sale due to its already-low price, is available to you at 20% off. Email us to place your order.

(This discount is only available to the recent call candidates from CTS or CSL.)

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