Christmas in July Sale — 40% off!

Impress your inner procrastinator by taking advantage of our fantastic Christmas in July sale! All Christmas cards are 40% off through Friday, July 31. This is likely the only discount we’ll be offering on Christmas cards for the rest of the year.

Our unique cards feature artwork from renowned artists Edward Riojas and Kelly Klages, stained glass from a local Lutheran church, a Russian Orthodox triptych, and frescos from the Imperial Cathedral of Speyer, Germany. Can’t decide? Then have a look at our Card Assortment, which includes 2 of each design.

Visit our Christmas cards page, where you’ll find more information about each card. Shop early, save money, and send out cards that combine beautiful art with a clear confession of our Savior’s birth.

And while you’re perusing the Christmas cards, be sure to take a look at our other ecclesiastical greeting cards. We offer a variety of cards, blank as well as those for baptism/baptism birthdays, Easter, confirmation/first communion (Six Chief Parts), and the Office of the Holy Ministry. 

Illumination    The Holy Family    NativityChrist the Lord-Web-600px

Virgin and Child    Adoremus      Epiphany Nativity Triptych-FB-cropped-600px

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Seed-Grains of Prayer: For Grace to Pray Aright

seed-grains-grid“Merciful God, we do indeed not know what we should pray, neither how we should present our petitions unto Thee. We are by nature negligent and indifferent to pray, and our little earthly occupations do so easily keep us away from, or at least hinder us in our prayers. To all this come the manifold temptations of the devil, ever ready to make us err on all sides in our prayers. Therefore, I pray Thee, O Lord, my God, pour out upon me abundantly the Spirit of grace and prayer, that I may boldly surmount every hindrance and pray unto Thee diligently according to Thy will, and obtain all those things that are salutary and needful for me both in soul and body, now and evermore, through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, my only Savior. Amen.”

Wilhelm Loehe, Seed-Grains of Prayer, #3

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Didache: The Word of God creates faith


“As the Scriptures carry the Lord’s own authority, they are powerful for accomplishing His own purpose, namely, creating in our hearts saving faith in Jesus Christ. That is what Paul means when he says that the Scriptures are “able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus” (2 Tim. 3:15). Here we see the gracious and effective power that God has invested in His Word. The Word of God creates faith. This is a miracle on par with the creation of the universe; even as God create the heavens and the earth by His mighty Word, by that same Word He creates faith. His Word accomplishes His purpose.”

-an excerpt from Didache by John T. Pless (p. 3)

**All of our titles are up to 20% off through Wednesday, June 3**

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Seed-Grains of Prayer: Prayer for our Pastors

seed-grains-grid“Everlasting, gracious, heavenly Father, for my pastor I pray; grant him to speak Thy word with joy, fearlessly against every error, false doctrine, and abuse; that he may declare and make plain to us the mysteries of the Gospel, and remove from our hearts all delusions.  Keep him steadfast in the true doctrine and Christian life, that he may be unto us a leader unto everlasting life.  Guard his body against sickness, that to our great benefit, he may for a long time go before us and preach Thy divine word without fear or hesitation, without hypocrisy, not of favor, hatred, jealousy, or for self-advantage, but proclaim the truth in all its purity and fullness, and denounce evils as becometh them, that I and many more may be won for Thy kingdom.

“Open my heart and ears that I may listen to Thy word with desire and love, with reverent mind, and hearty attention; to walk in accordance thereto in true faith, and bring fruit unto Thy divine glory.  Save me from becoming tired of hearing and from slothfulness of soul; and instill in my mind a great hunger and earnest desire for the inestimable riches of Thy grace, which is tendered to us in the sermon. Grant me grace to know and esteem my pastor as a servant and steward of the divine mysteries, that I receive Thy word from him without offence, unto the bettering of my life, the abhorrence of sin; and not let correction pass me by unheeded, nor, that I offend, or despise him by whom the correction cometh. Preserve us all in the true faith and a Christian life, that we may daily grow and increase therein, remaining steadfast unto our end, and be eternally saved; through Thy beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Wilhelm Loehe, Seed-Grains of Prayer, #330.

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Why make the house of God beautiful?

Cover-WaAGSK-Front Cover-small

“The service which the altar guild can render is valuable as an aid to extol the beauty and greatness of God and to awaken the response of His people in all forms of beauty, care, and reverence. Beauty in the church is not a matter of indifference. . . .Why do we want to make the house of God and our worship of God as reverent and beautiful as possible? Such a desire is of God and for God. He is present in our churches. Through His Word and sacraments, Christ comes to us as we are gathered together in His name.”

What an Altar Guild Should Know, p. 11

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Trinitytide Bulletin Inserts + Spring Sale (up to 20% off)


Click on the Downloads tab above to find a new (free!) download of Church Father excerpts formatted as bulletin inserts for the first part of Trinitytide (through the fifth Sunday after Trinity).

Also, all books are on sale – up to 20% off – through Wednesday, June 3. Browse through our collection of prayer books as well as liturgical and devotional resources by using the Books tab above. Several highlights are listed below:

*Paul H.D. Lang’s Ceremony & Celebration gives a confessional apology for why the Lutheran Church is a liturgical church. It instructs in every aspect of the service, such as liturgical actions, liturgical space, and the Church Year. It explains why we do what we do.

*An Explanation of the Common Service is an excellent supplement to Ceremony & Celebration in that it explains the actual words, or the rite, of the Divine Service.

*The Conduct of the Service describes what to do in the chancel, such as where to stand and how to move so that the emphasis remains on Christ and not on the liturgist.

*What an Altar Guild Should Know, another gem by Rev. Lang, expounds upon vestments and the sacred vessels and how to take care of them.

*Prof. John Pless’s Didache uses the Bible, Luther’s Small Catechism, and the hymnal to instruct in a basic pattern of catechesis which expounds upon doctrine, liturgy, and vocation.

*The prayers in Wilhelm Loehe’s Seed Grains of Prayer offer collects for all occasions and are particularly good for personal devotion.

*Thy Kingdom Come and God With Us by Pr. David Petersen are books of sermons which are invaluable for homiletical ideas and for the devotional use of reading good Law & Gospel sermons.

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Lang on Traditional Rites and Ceremonies

small cover image

“The danger of the traditional rites and ceremonies degenerating into formalism and even superstition has shown itself here and there in all ages. But the same danger is manifested in the use of nontraditional rites and ceremonies of the so-called informal churches. Because of that danger, some people have denounced all rites and ceremonies. But such denunciations solve nothing. First of all, it is impossible to live without some kind of rites and ceremonies, and secondly, the history of the church shows that the solution is not in trying to discard the traditional ceremonies, but in revitalizing them by constantly teaching their meaning and value.”

-Paul H.D. Lang in Ceremony and Celebration

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Strodach on Liturgy

“The minister will study the liturgy of the Church in order to know its antecedents, its history, meaning and harmony, its symbolism, spiritual power, and eloquence. He will study it as the means to an end of worship, in the spirit of devotion: that he may rightly and sensibly guide his people in their devotions. He will seek to teach his people so that they know its story, its meaning, the richness of its treasures, and how to use it unto edification and make it, as it must be to him, the expression of sacred moments and the means to spiritual enrichment. The forms themselves are inspiring, but how much more this all is enhanced when one realizes, that through these, through these very prayers, these selfsame canticles, the actual words that we are using, countless throngs of men and women through the long centuried past have lifted up their hearts to God, and I am uniting mine with theirs in these latter days…. ‘I believe in the Communion of Saints’…!”

-Paul Z. Strodach, A Manual on Worship

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Looking for a Confirmation Gift?

Six Chief Parts FB

Our Six Chief Parts artwork (left), created by Lutheran artist Edward Riojas, features the six chief parts of The Small Catechism in a cruciform shape. It is available as a greeting card or as an 8″ x 10″ print, ready for framing.

The following description of the symbolism is printed on the back of each card and is provided in sticker form with each print for affixing to the back of the frame:

Symbols for each of the six chief parts are arranged in a cruciform shape: tablets of the Law represent the Ten Commandments; chalice and host, the Lord’s Supper; scallop shell with three water drops, Holy Baptism; thurible with incense rising to heaven, the Lord’s Prayer; and crossed keys, the Office of the Keys. Central to all is a triangle interwoven with a circle, symbolizing the Holy Trinity confessed in the Apostle’s Creed. These symbols are charged on a red Latin cross pointing to Christ’s all-atoning sacrifice, which in turn gives life and produces fruit in the life of the Church and her saints.

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Thy Kingdom Come: An Excerpt from Maundy Thursday


“The fruit of the tree is on the paten and in the chalice. The angel of death passes over. He has no claim upon us. We belong to God. We bear His watery name. We eat at His table. We are His people and more. We are not merely guests, sojourners in His house for but an hour, but we are members of the royal family raised up from stones. We are not Gentile dogs hoping for crumbs, worshiping what we do not know. We, by grace, are the Lord’s own beloved and immaculate bride. We belong to God. We are baptized. We eat at His table. We are gathered under the protecting shadow of the cross.”          -an excerpt from the Maundy Thursday sermon in Thy Kingdom Come

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