He Restores My Soul

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Author Katie Schuermann is collaborating with a host of experienced female writers to broaden the discussion of suffering in the Church and apply the theology of the cross to a wide range of topics in He Restores My Soul, a new book set to release in October 2018. 

Utilizing the timeless, rich comfort permeating Psalm 23, He Restores My Soul offers empathy and encouragement to the cross-bearing Christian woman. Never indulging in contemporary self-help rhetoric, Schuermann and friends persist in pointing the reader to a firm trust in God’s promises found in His Word and a resounding joy in God’s mysterious work of conforming us “to the image of His Son” (Romans 8:29). Authors and chapter topics are as follows:

  • Katie Schuermann: The Good Shepherd chases after the one sheep
  • Rebecca Mayes: Being a faithful friend to those who struggle against same-sex attraction and sexual temptation
  • Kantor Christina Roberts: The conflict of finding joy in music while struggling with depression
  • Cheryl Swope: Mothering children with mental illness
  • Katie Schuermann: Caring for our sisters in Christ who are struggling with post-abortion regret
  • Cheryl Magness: Creating a Christian culture at home that is markedly different from one’s own upbringing
  • Magdalena Schultz: Carrying a child in the womb whom doctors have said may not live
  • Deac. Heidi D. Sias: Living with a chronic disease
  • Deac. Kristin Wassilak: When life’s devastating trials tempt us to doubt whether the Good Shepherd’s rod and staff are really there to comfort
  • Mollie Hemingway: Living the faith in the public square
  • Heather Smith: The loneliness of longing for family life when you have not been given the gift of a spouse
  • Julia Habrecht: Being a mother both in the home and out of it
  • Deac. Pamela Boehle-Silva: Remembering and caring for a loved one whose memory has been stolen by dementia
  • Cheryl Swope: The fear and reality of children leaving the faith

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