He Restores My Soul

Paperback, 170 pp., 9″ x 6″, 2018
ISBN 978-1-934328-18-7

Suffering comes to everyone in this life, yet many are surprised to find it in the green pastures of the Good Shepherd. Disease and death invade this peaceful landscape, and hardship and heartache come even to “the sheep of His hand.”

Why do pain and persecution flourish along the path of righteousness? How can sickness and sin reside beside the Lord’s still waters? Utilizing the timeless, rich comfort permeating Psalm 23, author Katie Schuermann and a host of literary friends ponder such questions and many more in He Restores My Soul, a book of empathy and encouragement for the cross-bearing Christian woman. Never indulging in contemporary self-help rhetoric, Schuermann and friends persist in pointing the reader to a firm trust in God’s promises found in His Word and a resounding joy in God’s mysterious work of conforming us “to the image of His Son” (Romans 8:29).

14 chapters, 12 authors, plus a Pastoral Response:

  • Katie Schuermann: The Good Shepherd chases after the one sheep
  • Rebecca Mayes: Being a faithful friend to those who struggle against same-sex attraction and sexual temptation
  • Kantor Christina Roberts: The conflict of finding joy in music while struggling with depression
  • Cheryl Swope: Mothering children with mental illness
  • Katie Schuermann: Caring for our sisters in Christ who are struggling with post-abortion regret
  • Cheryl Magness: Creating a Christian culture at home that is markedly different from one’s own upbringing
  • Magdalena Schultz: Carrying a child in the womb whom doctors have said may not live
  • Deac. Heidi D. Sias: Living with a chronic disease
  • Deac. Kristin Wassilak: When life’s devastating trials tempt us to doubt whether the Good Shepherd’s rod and staff are really there to comfort
  • Mollie Hemingway: Living the faith in the public square
  • Heather Smith: The loneliness of longing for family life when you have not been given the gift of a spouse
  • Julia Habrecht: Being a mother both in the home and out of it
  • Deac. Pamela Boehle-Silva: Remembering and caring for a loved one whose memory has been stolen by dementia
  • Cheryl Swope: The fear and reality of children leaving the faith
  • Rev. D. Richard Stuckwisch: A pastoral response entitled “A Broken and Contrite Body and Soul, the Lord Does Not Despise”

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Table of Contents
KFUO interviews
Interviews with the authors and Pr. Stuckwisch
Meet the cover artist, Rebecca Shewmaker
Unveiling the book cover