The Brotherhood Prayer Book: Second Revised Edition

The welcome which The Brotherhood Prayer Book received since its publication in late 2004 has far surpassed our expectations. After less than two years, the looming end to the first print run of The Brotherhood Prayer Book, the many corrections posted at, and the desire to produce a prayer book more complete with music and rubrics has led us to create this second revised edition of The Brotherhood Prayer Book.

The most noticeable change in this second edition is the new music. All of the responsories, antiphons for the Magnificat, invitatories, and the Venite now have their proper Gregorian melodies. The new music has increased the content of the book by about 50%. The new book is also now in a more convenient size, being roughly the same size as a hymnal. The second edition has marginal page reference to the first edition, so that groups can use both editions together and still avoid confusion. The second edition is also graced by the beautiful liturgical artwork of Mr. Edward Riojas. Introducing sections of the BPB, each of the 26 original drawings combines theology and piety to give the user a fitting focus for prayer. Indices allow the user to find particular Psalm tones, and hymns by their English and Latin names.

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