Seed-Grains of Prayer: Prayer at the Opening of Springtime

“I give thanks unto Thee, O God and Father, that, in health and joy, Thou hast caused me to see the delightful springtime of the year, when Thou causest the whole world to be renewed, the death-bound earth to revive again and be filled with creature life, to abound with grass and flowers.  Most humbly do I beseech Thee, turn away now all destructive frosts and forefend every accident, that, during this year again, I may gratefully enjoy Thy bounty.  Grant me grace also, constantly and filially to rejoice in Thy fatherly goodness and providence, and evermore to look foreward with joy to the ultimate spring time which is the last of days.  Then shall follow everylasting joy, unending beauty and glory upon the inconstancies of time.  Then is the blessed resurrection from the dead, and my flesh shall again spring forth renewed, and my mortal body shall become like unto the glorified body of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Even then will I laud, praise, and forevermore magnify Thee, together with Thy dear Son, and the much beloved Holy Ghost, for all Thy bounties.  Amen.”

Wilhelm Loehe, Seed-Grains of Prayer, #321

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