Meditation on Reminiscere from Valerius Herberger

Corresponding with this Sunday’s Gospel text: Matthew 15: 21-28

“Let it be to you as you wish.”

With these words He sets a threefold crown on her faith. If you desire blessings from heaven, you shall have it; if you desire earthly blessings they shall not be denied you; if you desire protection from the gates of hell, take comfort, it shall always be Yes and Amen.

O Son of David, our Lord, who had mercy upon the woman of Canaan and rescued her daughter from her great torment, remain with us in all frightful seasons and torments, preserve us steadfast in faith and prayer, and finally in our last hour, let us hear those beautiful words, “O man, your faith is great, let it be to you as you wish. Amen! Amen!”


This meditation is a recently translated excerpt from Geistliche Herzens Lust und Freude für betende Christen [The Heart’s Spiritual Joy and Delight: Christian Devotions and Prayers from the writings of the blessed Valerius Herberger for all Sundays and Feasts of the Church Year], J.J. Weigel ed. Erlangen, Germany, 1863.

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