Seed-Grains of Prayer: Sunday Evening Prayer

“I render thanks unto Thee, O true and everlasting Light, that Thou hast this day protected me by Thy light and Spirit against every grievous sin. And now, during the night which Thou hast ordained for the rest of my poor body, O Lord, grant unto my weary soul to find rest and peace in Thee against all the wiles and onslaughts of the evil one. Cause my mind and my thoughts, together with my hands and my feet, to glorify Thee and be silent before Thee, Who art present and mindful of Thine own, when deep slumbers embrace them. O, let not this wicked flesh overmaster my poor soul, lest I forget Thee in the night watches. Into Thy hands I commit my spirit, O gentle Shepherd, into Thy faithful hands. Thou hast redeemed my soul, O Lord God, most faithful; permit me not to fall away from Thee. Watch by me and cover me with the protection of Thy wings. When the night is past, awaken me and grant me the light by which I may walk and dwell safely with Thee in yonder eternity. Hear my prayer and answer me, O Thou Who slumberest not nor sleepest; through Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Wilhelm Loehe, Seed-Grains of Prayer, #103.

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