Adriane Dorr reviews Thy Kingdom Come

If there was ever any question as to where Adriane Dorr gets her quirky sense of humor, take a look at her dad in the picture at left.

All hilarity aside, Adriane gets to the point in her review of Thy Kingdom Come. We have posted an excerpt here, but you really should read the entire review, including her 5 good reasons why you need this book.

“[W]hen I’m in the Divine Service, when my Lord is there for me really and bodily, I need to hear that I stink, that I’m an awful sinner, that I need to be humbled at every turn. I need to hear that He’s forgiven me for all those things, that the way in which He loved me was to die for me, that He is my comfort and peace, that He fills all the gaps and the holes I didn’t even know I had and the ones I’m painfully aware of.

That’s why I joined Pastor David Petersen’s church when I moved to Fort Wayne. His preaching had its own reputation. I knew he would preach what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear.

I wasn’t disappointed. And now, thanks to Emmanuel Press, you don’t have to move to Fort Wayne and join Redeemer in order to get those same sermons, to hear of your sin and your salvation….

It’s the start of a new year. So if you set one resolution, let it be that you order this book. Use it as your devotions leading up to Lent and Easter. Let the Law have its way with you. Be pointed to Christ, your salvation. Look to the cross. See your Savior, your Life. For “He is in our midst, according to His promise, in His risen, living, physical body, speaking peace, forgiving sins, feeding saints, and encouraging faith. No locked doors, no synodical bureaucrat, no bully, no fallen flesh will keep Him out’ (Thy Kingdom Come).”

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