The Brotherhood Prayer Book: New Music for Advent 1

BPB-new picture

While there are more than 450 mp3 files available on The Brotherhood Prayer Book CD, there still remain propers without musical composition and yet to be recorded. Now, we are pleased to make available newly composed and newly recorded propers for Advent. Using Reformation-era resources, Mr. Matthew Carver composed antiphons for the Benedictus of each week of Advent. Rev. Sean Daenzer then sang and recorded the antiphons and other propers. We thank them for their contribution to the music of the BPB!

Advent 1:

Invitatory for the Venite (p. 389):

The Venite (p. 31):

Responsory for Advent (p. 390):

Hymn at Morning Prayer (p. 391):

Antiphon for Benedictus (p. 391), pdf of newly-composed music:

Hymn at Evening Prayer (p. 392):

Antiphon for the Magnificat (p. 392):

Listen to a sample of how to move between the parts of the Canticle – from the Antiphon to the first verse of the Magnificat to the Gloria Patri, back to the Antiphon:

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