A Review of The Word Remains — Pr. Todd Peperkorn

thewordremains600pxPr. Todd Peperkorn has posted a review of our new book, The Word Remains by Wilhelm Löhe, on his blog. Here’s an excerpt, but be sure to visit his website and read the entire thing:

“In this little volume the reader will find that nearly every sentence drips with Gospel infused wisdom. I found myself wanting to highlight every page, until I realized that the whole book is worthy of that kind of careful attention….My best suggestion for this work is to buy and read it straight through, so you have a sense of the whole. But then sit back and let the words linger for a time. Take a couple pages a day and drink them in. Don’t be in a hurry. The words will be there and aren’t going anywhere.”

-Todd Peperkorn in his review: A Hopeful Book by an Old Lutheran

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