Pless endorses The Word Remains by Wilhelm Löhe

front-cover-600px“Wilhelm Loehe (1808-1872) was one of the church fathers of the 19th century, to use the description of Hermann Sasse. His pastoral wisdom combined with a zeal for Lutheran missions marked Loehe’s life and work. In this collection, the voice of Pastor Loehe speaks across the years into our own time and place. Insightful, brief commentaries on the days and seasons of the church year along with pithy sayings on the Christian life will provide readers with much to kindle their hearts and minds for meditation and prayer. This is a devotional classic which will continue to edify and enlighten both pastors and laity.”  -Prof John T. Pless

*Purchase The Word Remains along with Liber Hymnorum: The Latin Hymns of the Lutheran Church — and save 10% on both!

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