Announcing….our book cover artist!

While brainstorming ideas for the new book cover for He Remembers the Barren, Second Edition by Katie Schuermann, we knew that we wanted artwork that would tell the story of suffering and grief but also of hope and comfort in Christ. To bring this idea to fruition, we decided to tap into the artistic talent and theological insight of Edward Riojas, an artist who excels in bringing rich symbolism into the finest details. What Riojas is creating for us promises to be tender and honest and Christological, beautifully echoing the poignant and expressive words we find in Katie Schuermann’s writing.

We look forward to revealing the cover to you this spring! In the meantime, we encourage you to like Riojas’ Facebook page and browse his website to learn more about his artwork and the giclee prints he offers. Also be sure to read his latest blog post, “What Colors Confess,” which explores the theological nuance of color choice when painting our Lord and other sacred artwork.
Bio from his website: Edward Riojas has been creating artwork professionally for 35 years — maybe more. He received a fine art degree, then worked a three-year stint in advertising before spending nearly 31 years in the newspaper industry.

Riojas has built a reputation in the secular and sacred realms as a masterful illustrator and fine artist. His sacred, representational style has been likened to the Northern Renaissance, but Riojas can also throw a goofy curve ball when it comes to illustration. Today, his work is found in sanctuaries, institutions, private collections and markets throughout the U.S. and across the globe.

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