Katie Schuermann on KFUO Faith & Family

“Children are a heritage from Him, a gift, a reward, a blessing, a fruit. That is the language that He uses….We recognize things that are gifts from the Lord: food, family, shoes, house, home, our neighbors. Well, children are another one of those gifts — even when we don’t want them, even when we don’t appreciate them. I think, in the Church, we have abandoned this use of gift language at some point. And that makes it difficult to talk about barrenness. Because if we don’t recognize the Source of life, then we have a hard time talking to people who are not being given that gift of life. We have faulty language that fails to deliver comfort. It fails to deliver truth, and it definitely fails to deliver babies…The language we’ve been given as a culture is not right. It’s not going to speak the Gospel to the barren.”

-Listen to the full interview with author Katie Schuermann on KFUO Faith & Family, where she discusses adoption, the cross of barrenness, and our identity in Christ

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