Is Jesus in Exodus?

In a blog post entitled “Is Jesus in Exodus?” and also in an interview on Issues, Etc., Rev. Dr. Benjamin Mayes ponders the many different ways that Jesus is “in” Exodus.

Last year we published The Great Works of God: The Mysteries of Christ in the Book of Exodus, a translation which was underwritten by the Class of 2018 of Concordia Theologically Seminary. Originally written in German by Lutheran pastor Valerius Herberger, the book is now available in English, thanks to the work and talent of translator Matthew Carver. It is an outstanding resource for reading Exodus devotionally, focusing on Jesus as the center of Scripture and the fulfillment of all the types in Exodus.

As Carver notes, Herberger “writes mainly for the average educated layperson, with a very personal style. He mostly avoids technical or theological jargon and offers interesting insights….It is useful as a devotional since nothing exactly like this exists today.” Furthermore, Carver explains the book’s wide appeal: “It can be used theologically for perspectives on biblical interpretation and typology, devotionally for personal spiritual enrichment, and homiletically as an example of historical models of applying interpretation.”

Read excerpts and reviews by Dr. Carl Springer, Pr. William Weedon, Dr. Carl Beckwith, and Rev. Brian Kachelmeier.

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