Starck’s Motherhood Prayers


Paperback, 76 pp., 8″x 5″, 2011
ISBN 978-1-934328-03-3

Penned in German in the 18th century by Lutheran pastor Johann Friedrich Starck as part of his larger prayer book (Starck’s Prayer Book), these invaluable, comforting prayers are now available for the first time in a separate volume for the sake of convenience to expectant and new mothers.

The Motherhood Prayers “will teach you how to speak God’s own Word back to Him, which is the truest, most edifying prayer. They will comfort you as you pray them because they are saturated with that Word, which is God’s gift to us” (Rebekah Curtis, Introduction).

If you own another edition of Starck’s Prayer Book in which the Motherhood Prayers for All Occasions are omitted, then this book will serve to supplement it and complete what was included in Starck’s original English edition published in 1921.

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We no longer offer this book in print, but it is now available as a free download here.