The Word Remains

Paperback, 140 pp., 8″ x 5″, 2016
ISBN 978-1-934328-12-5

From the back cover: Johann Konrad Wilhelm Löhe (1808-1872) was a parish pastor for thirty-five years in the German village of Neuendettelsau. While he was known there as an exceptional preacher, liturgist, teacher, and Seelsorger, his work and influence also extended far beyond his own congregation. Löhe had a keen interest in mission work and was instrumental in sending missionaries to North America and other continents. In addition, his desire to carry out Christian labors of love for those closer to home—caring for the body as well as the soul—led him to found an institute in Neuendettelsau to train deaconesses to perform acts of physical mercy.

This collection of excerpts comes from Löhe’s extensive writing on mission, pastoral theology, history, and liturgy. Originally published in German in 2008, The Word Remains is the English translation of a delightful book that gathers his profound wisdom into one small volume, making it well suited for devotional reading. In these pages, Löhe articulates the confessional Lutheran understanding of the church year, the Word of God, and matters related to the Christian life: faith, prayer, fellowship, worship, creation, and hope. In addition, the biography by Hans Kreßel and the appended essay by John T. Pless give insight into Löhe’s life, the context in which he lived, and his lasting influence.

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