New: TLH Module for Lutheran Service Builder

The Lutheran Hymnal (TLH) contains 312 hymns that are not found in Lutheran Service Book (LSB). Now, the TLH hymns that are in the public domain (282) are available as a free download to be used within Lutheran Service Builder to create your worship bulletin.

If you already use Builder to produce your bulletins, then simply download the TLH Module below. If you are not familiar with Lutheran Service Builder by Concordia Publishing House, visit their website to learn more.

This new download was created by Pastor Evan Scamman. Find his contact information in the following PDF if you have any questions.

TLH Module –  Installation Instructions-new
TLH Module for Lutheran Service Builder ( new zip file)

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One Response to New: TLH Module for Lutheran Service Builder

  1. I am thrilled with this addition to the LSB. We use LSB exclusively for Divine Service and the one thing missing were hymns from TLH. I had entertained the idea of creating pdf files or fax images of the TLH that could be modified and used by in the final bulletin (done in Word), but now it appears I won’t have to go to such an effort. Thanks God for seminarian Evan Scamman for his effort and contribution to the church.

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