Now Available! Liber Hymnorum

lh_mockuprender_800px300dpiWe are pleased to announce that Liber Hymnorum: The Latin Hymns of the Lutheran Church is now available for purchase! On that page, you can also have a look at the inside, including the Table of Contents and a sample of hymns in English and Latin.

Throughout the past week we have been posting excerpts from our interview with editor and translator Matthew Carver. Now for the final installment: “This book is unique in several ways. For one, it is uncommon for any modern hymnal, and especially a Lutheran one, to be printed in Latin, which is unfortunate since music assists learning. With the increase in classical education today, this is an important aspect. Another rare aspect is that it presents the old forms of the ancient hymn melodies as they were known in early Reformation Germany. With many anglophone enthusiasts of ancient hymns being more familiar with the forms of the melodies from Rome and Sarum (England), the differences in these forms will be quite interesting. This book is also unique in its inclusion of later Latin hymns by several Reformation authors (translated, what is more, into the appropriate meter).”


“Liber Hymnorum is yet another example of Mr. Matthew Carver’s ability and propensity to deliver to our generation the great, lost treasures of the Evangelical Lutheran Church’s past. Mr. Carver and Emmanuel Press have done the churches and schools of the Church a great service by editing and publishing such a fine volume of hymns.”
-Pr. Rob Paul, Headmaster, Immanuel Lutheran Church and School, Roswell, NM

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