Bulk discounts for He Restores My Soul

As He Restores My Soul nears its six-month anniversary, we look back at this half year with much thankfulness. We are honored to have worked with such talented authors whose writing beautifully and continually points us to Jesus Christ. And we are humbled and grateful for the eager response from our customers and the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (see excerpts below).

Did you know that we structured He Restores My Soul to work well for either individual reading or for groups to read together? Study questions accompany every chapter, and each of the 14 chapters functions independently from the others, making it easy to read straight through or in parts. We also offer bulk discounts for larger orders. Save 15% on orders of 10-19 books, 20% on 20-29 books, and 25% on 30+ books. To take advantage of the savings, contact us for a customized invoice.

“How often do we look at the Christians around us, marveling at their “put-together” lives, and secretly tuck our own struggle and insufficiency away? This book reminds us that living in this world is hard, and the effects of sin and our brokenness is something that we all share….Their stories do not prescribe a formula for temporal victory. They do not leave us praising each writer for her courage, faith, and strength. They are not given as a self-help digest. They simply remind us that, in all things, as God’s children living under the cross, we must look to Jesus for help and rest and restoration.”
-St. Louis Lutheran on Amazon

“I read this book in a single sitting, staying up late into the evening to finish. Every woman’s chapter was beautifully written, and each one left me with a deeper appreciation of the human condition, and a greater awareness of the struggles in life we know nothing about.” -Rebekah Theilen on Goodreads

“They share their tragedies but there is always triumph through Jesus. They suffer and are yet rejoicing in the cross of Christ. This book is filled with encouragement for the daily Christian life but also hope and wisdom for those extra rough seasons of life. Well worth your time and a great gift for those who may need a word of encouragement.”
-Jamie Lynn on Goodreads

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