Thy Kingdom Come: An Excerpt from Ascension

Cover-Website“God’s will is constant. Fallen men need a preaching of repentance, an exposure of our complicity and selfishness, a warning of impending death, and an invitation. You are not God. You do not make the rules. You have not behaved in ways honorable or just or good. You have looked the other way. You have cheated. You are a traitor to your own cause, in league with demons, a pervert, a deviant, a sycophant, a liar, a braggart, a hypocrite, a bureaucrat. Repent. Submit. Stop making excuses. Do not seek to have your sins justified, but seek instead to have them forgiven, removed, and counted against Him, that His good works might be counted to you.”

-David H. Petersen, author of Thy Kingdom Come

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