A Hymn for St. Michael and All Angels’ Day

Thee, O Christ, the Father’s splendor,
Life and virtue of the heart,
In the presence of the angels
Sing we now with tuneful art,
Mostly in alternate chorus
Bearing our responsive part.

Thus we praise with due thanksgiving
All the armies of the sky;
Chiefly him, the warrior primate,
Of celestial chivalry,
Michael, who in princely virtue
Cast Abaddon from on high.

By whose watchful care repelling —
King of everlasting grace–
Every ghostly adversary,
All things evil, all things base,
Grant us of Thine only goodness
In Thy paradise a place.

Laud and honor to the Father,
Laud and honor to the Son,
Laud and honor to the Spirit,
Ever Three and ever One,
Consubstantial, coeternal,
While unending ages run. Amen.


Tibi, Christe, splendor Patris, Rabanus Maurus, 9th cent., trans. by J.M. Neale
As found in The Brotherhood Prayer Book

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