An excerpt from The Great Works of God: Exodus

*This title is currently 10% off to celebrate the upcoming release of Apostolic Agenda.

The Israelites could have reached the Promised Land in twelve days, had they been allowed to travel in a straight line. But God knew that would not be good for the Israelites, so He led them in a wide circle, for He saw their frailty. No kink or crook is found in a good and pleasant way around. Of course, God understands better than we how to lead, guide, and govern us. So let us humble ourselves under His mighty hand (1 Pet. 5:6), and not resist His will, but stop and go and follow and move how and where He wishes. All things must work together for our good (Rom. 8:28). He will make the temptation to have an end, that we may be able to bear it (1 Cor. 10:13).

Oh, how our minds are pricked when we see the good life lying before us and cannot instantly get it! What pangs fill our hearts when we are made to suffer on strange, rough, winding ways. Yet he is a wise and blessed man who does not try to overrule the Lord God’s counsel.

The Israelites were to go forth into the Promised Land, but God went before them on the road through the wilderness to the Reed Sea.* Whoever is to make the journey into eternal life must first be led into the wilderness of this world’s misery. He who would inherit heaven with Christ must first suffer and die with Him [Rom. 8:17].

An excerpt from The Great Works of God: The Mysteries of Christ in the Book of Exodus by Valerius Herberger, translated by Matthew Carver

*this spelling is explained in a later paragraph

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Coming Soon – Apostolic Agenda: The Epistles of the Holy Apostle Paul to Titus and Philemon

It is an honor to announce our partnership with a large host of students* of Concordia Theological Seminary – Fort Wayne to publish Apostolic Agenda: The Epistles of the Holy Apostle Paul to Titus and Philemon. This translation, which is the first full-length work of Friedrich Balduin available in English, was commissioned and funded by these students as their class gift in appreciation of Concordia Theological Seminary and to edify the hearts and minds of Christ’s Church.

Apostolic Agenda is now available for pre-order (10% off) with an expected release in mid-May. To celebrate our newest title, we are holding a site-wide sale on all books! Browse our collection by hovering over the Books tab in the black bar above. (Apostolic Agenda will ship when released; all other books will ship promptly after the order is placed. This essentially means free shipping for the new book!)

Dr. Benjamin Mayes notes in his Introduction that “Friedrich Balduin was a significant Lutheran theologian of the early 17th century, a well-respected exegete and churchman in his day, who deserves to be rediscovered in our day.” In Apostolic Agenda, Balduin divides Titus and Philemon into sections, first giving the original text with a translation printed alongside. He then offers his analysis and explanation of the text, explaining the context of each verse, indicating parallels to other biblical passages, and discussing other aspects such as geography and history that aid in understanding. Next, Balduin follows up with theological questions, which Dr. Mayes indicates are “often taken from the Bible commentaries of opponents, who used the biblical text to try to prove false doctrine. This is where Balduin shines as a casuist [that is, one who studies cases of conscience].” Finally, he concludes with insightful theological summary statements of doctrines (aphorisms) gathered from the text in an enumerated list. (Visit the Apostolic Agenda page to download a sample of Chapter 1.)

As Berett Steffen, an M.Div. student involved in the book’s editing, points out, “While there are enough complex arguments and obscure references to the classics and other works of antiquity to keep professionals entertained, there is just as much in the way of clarity, application, and simple, well-done exegesis to edify Christians at any theological level.” Indeed, Balduin seeks to teach all Christians about the heart of the faith – the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins.

*These 56 students are comprised of those from the Master of Divinity class of 2020, the Alternate Route class of 2019, and deaconess students in various degree tracks.

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Excerpt for Holy Saturday


“This Jesus, who was crucified, who went as weak as a kitten to the cross, has sapped the devil of all his strength. The trickster has been tricked. He ate the fruit that hung from the tree on Calvary, tempted and beguiled like Eve in the garden. He ate, and now his belly bursts. His jaws are seared shut. He can take no more. He is done, finished, over. He has no accusations left. He hurled every last one of them at the Christ, and the Christ has answered for all of them, and there are none left for us or for anyone. Jesus died to take them away.”

-David H. Petersen in Thy Kingdom Come

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Thy Kingdom Come: An Excerpt from Holy Monday


“The Son of Man is glorified by being lifted up from the earth. If you would see Him, if you would behold Jesus, behold Him there. There, and there alone, you might gaze upon God’s glory and not be destroyed, for you gaze upon where and how He was destroyed for you. There you might look into the things that the prophets longed to see and kings desired. There you will know the love God holds for you and the cost He has gladly paid to make you His.”

-David H. Petersen, author of Thy Kingdom Come

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The Brotherhood Prayer Book: Hymn for Judica (5th Sunday in Lent)

Audio: Listen to Hymn for Judica chanted.

Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle,
Sing the last, the dread affray;
O’er the cross, the victor’s trophy,
Sound the high triumphal lay,
How, the pains of death enduring,
Earth’s Redeemer won the day.

When at length the appointed fullness
Of the sacred time was come,
He was sent, the world’s Creator,
From the Father’s heavenly home,
And was found in human fashion,
Offspring of the virgin’s womb.

Now the thirty years are ended
Which on earth He willed to see,
Willingly He meets His passion,
Born to set His people free;
On the cross the Lamb is lifted,
There the sacrifice to be.

There the nails and spear He suffers,
Vinegar and gall and reed;
From His sacred body pierced
Blood and water both proceed:
Precious flood, which all creation
From the stain of sin hath freed.

Faithful Cross, above all other,
One and only noble Tree,
None in foliage, none in blossom,
None in fruit thy peer may be;
Sweet the wood, and sweet the iron,
And thy load, most sweet is He.

Bend, O lofty Tree, thy branches,
Thy too rigid sinews bend;
And awhile the stubborn hardness,
Which thy birth bestowed, suspend;
And the limbs of heaven’s high Monarch
Gently on thine arms extend.

Thou alone wast counted worthy
This world’s Ransom to sustain,
That a shipwrecked race for ever
Might a port of refuge gain,
With the sacred Blood annointed
Of the Lamb for sinners slain.

Praise and honor to the Father,
Praise and honor to the Son,
Praise and honor to the Spirit,
Ever Three and ever One:
One in might, and One in glory,
While eternal ages run. Amen.


Pange lingua gloriosi praelium, V. Fortunatus, 6th century, trans. by J.M. Neale
Found in The Brotherhood Prayer Book and its accompanying CD.

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Seed-Grains of Prayer: Prayer for our Pastors

seed-grains-grid“Everlasting, gracious, heavenly Father, for my pastor I pray; grant him to speak Thy word with joy, fearlessly against every error, false doctrine, and abuse; that he may declare and make plain to us the mysteries of the Gospel, and remove from our hearts all delusions.  Keep him steadfast in the true doctrine and Christian life, that he may be unto us a leader unto everlasting life.  Guard his body against sickness, that to our great benefit, he may for a long time go before us and preach Thy divine word without fear or hesitation, without hypocrisy, not of favor, hatred, jealousy, or for self-advantage, but proclaim the truth in all its purity and fullness, and denounce evils as becometh them, that I and many more may be won for Thy kingdom.

“Open my heart and ears that I may listen to Thy word with desire and love, with reverent mind, and hearty attention; to walk in accordance thereto in true faith, and bring fruit unto Thy divine glory.  Save me from becoming tired of hearing and from slothfulness of soul; and instill in my mind a great hunger and earnest desire for the inestimable riches of Thy grace, which is tendered to us in the sermon. Grant me grace to know and esteem my pastor as a servant and steward of the divine mysteries, that I receive Thy word from him without offence, unto the bettering of my life, the abhorrence of sin; and not let correction pass me by unheeded, nor, that I offend, or despise him by whom the correction cometh. Preserve us all in the true faith and a Christian life, that we may daily grow and increase therein, remaining steadfast unto our end, and be eternally saved; through Thy beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Wilhelm Loehe, Seed-Grains of Prayer, #330.

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These Christmas cards remain…

After an avalanche of recent Christmas card orders, these are the designs
that we still have in stock. Have a closer look, see the inside, and find
purchase information on our Christmas cards page.

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The Advent Wreath: An Excerpt

“The lighting of an Advent wreath during the Advent season is a Christian ceremony which has come down to us from about the time of Martin Luther. As before the birth of Christ the light of prophecy concerning His advent and His redemptive work became brighter and brighter, so the nearer we come in the church year to the feast of His nativity, the greater the amount of light from the Advent wreath. This ceremony is helpful for recalling, discussing, and teaching the significance of Advent.”

-An excerpt from Ceremony and Celebration, in which Rev. Paul H.D. Lang describes the theological significance and historic, confessional Lutheran position on liturgy, ritual, and ceremony.

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Save on EVERYTHING during our 3-day Thanksgiving sale!

Looking for Christmas cards, Christmas gifts, or a little something for yourself? Starting today, everything is on sale! Prices are valid through Saturday, November 30, which also happens to be Small Business Saturday.

A few highlights:

  • He Restores My Soul edited by Katie Schuermann, uses Psalm 23 as the framework to point the cross-bearing Christian woman to Christ and the comfort found in Him alone. As one reviewer notes, “These stories provide the reader with a glimpse into some of the many ways suffering can and does manifest itself in our lives while providing a lens through which the Christian sees suffering and responds to it; namely through the cross of Christ.”
  • Share the joy of Christ’s birth with your family and friends with our stunning Christmas cards. Each one pairs beautiful artwork with the words of Scripture or the timeless poetry of hymns.
  • God With Us by David H. Petersen is a collection of brief sermons that are perfect for personal devotion. You’ll read how Christ’s incarnation is the basis of all Christian preaching and the essence of every celebration of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism, every proclamation of Absolution to repentant sinners.
  • The Great Works of God: The Mysteries of Christ in the Book of Exodus contains more than 120 Christocentric, devotional meditations in which Valerius Herberger shows his fervent belief that Jesus Christ is the center of every part of Scripture. Matthew Carver’s translation of this work is outstanding.
  • In the classic Ceremony and Celebration, Lang describes the theological significance and historic, confessional Lutheran position on liturgical worship. Do you know why we do what we do? Find out here.
  • Wherever you fall on the spectrum of Latin — a scholar, a teacher or student of classical education, or a novice — you will find Liber Hymnorum: The Latin Hymns of the Lutheran Church to be an absolute treasure. Liber Hymnorum is two hymnals in one, the first half being English, the second Latin, exactly mirroring the first half in content and numbering.

A blessed Thanksgiving to you!

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Two-day sale on Christmas cards!

Today and tomorrow only, save 10% on all of our Christmas cards. Create a custom assortment from 11 unique designs: one price, you choose the assortment.

Choose from a variety of styles, including stained glass, illumination, triptych, classic art, and original commissioned pieces.

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